About Blue papieren naaipatroon over en over sweater kinderen

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Over & Over KIDS has a stripe accent on the sleeve and shoulder, and a stripe in the side seam. This combines the toughness of a raglan insert with the elegance of a classic sleeve insert. If you like surprising fabric combinations, you have four stripes in each jumper to do something with! You can make the pattern in stretch fabric (e.g. French Terry or Terry Cloth) or in a combination of stretch and non-stretch fabrics (e.g. French Terry and viscose). As long as one of the fabrics is stretchy! 


  • Paper pattern: Sweater Kids
  • Size: 92-158
  • The pattern consists of one A1 pattern sheets, folded to A4 size.
  • The manual (English and Dutch) is digitally accessible for everyone who buys the pattern.
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